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Ben Stinson

Founder / Managing Partner

Ben Stinson serves as the Founder and Managing Partner of Rented Mule. His previous experience at Celent, Novarica, Strategy Meets Action and Willis Towers Watson has provided him with direct exposure to dozens of insurance core system integrations. Ben understands the market, knows what works and has witnessed firsthand the myriad pitfalls that can swallow even the most well-managed projects. He truly enjoys putting that perspective to work in partnership with his clients.

Ben is joined at Rented Mule by a broad cast of characters deeply experienced in insurance core systems and technology with functional expertise as Project Managers, Business Analysts, Content Analysts and Developers. Teams are assembled and assigned based on the specific needs of each client and are continually adjusted and optimized to ensure the overall success of the project.


We'd love to talk with you about your project and discuss the ways in which Rented Mule can help you achieve success.